Xbox hacks = DVR

I've been having a hard time find good articles that Matt hasn't already found and posted but I think this one is worth your time. CNet has an article on hacking gaming consoles so that they can act like a DVR. It also touches upon Sony's PSX game console/DVR/DVD-RW platform.

Phil seldom bothers with his entertainment center anymore when he wants to watch a movie or enjoy part of his digital music collection. Instead, the Utah-based software engineer switches on his Microsoft game machine and fires up the Xbox Media Center, an unauthorized piece of software that he helped write and that allows a modified console to play most popular digital movie and audio formats.

"It's a convenience thing," said Phil, whose hacking hobbies discourage him from divulging his full name. "All of my movies are organized into categories, and it's very easy to navigate through the menus to find exactly what I want to watch. I have a PC in the basement of my house which stores all of my music and movies, and the Xbox makes it extremely convenient to use them."

Next year will offer us so many more choices for products and services, it will be be increasingly hard for consumers to decide what to purchase. A gaming console with DVR functionality? A DVR with DVD writing? A computer with a TV card and media controlling software? We will be inundated with options and hopefully we can share our experiences here to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Strategy: Outside the box | CNET News.com

UPDATE: Be sure to check out the video on the CNET article of the "law student" Steven (funny, eh ;) who shows us how he modded his Xbox.

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Gamespot's PSX OS test drive

Gamespot's got a short review of the PSX OS, including a screenshot. [via waxy]

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Sony PSX!

Sony's hybrid PVR and game platform, the PSX, has launched.

Annouced are two models, the DESR-5000 and the DESR-7000. The 5000 comes with a 160GB HD, and an MSRP of 79,800 yen, whereas the 7000 has a 250GB HD and a price of 99,800 yen. I know there are other details but I will wait until I see some English PR or news.

The FAQ in Japanese is here. Some more specs are here.

Ah, the US wire services are finally getting their content out:
Reuters | Sony PSX Console to Hit Japan Stores by Year-End

Sony Global Press Release - Sony PSX.

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