About PVRblog

First off, I should say that I love my TiVo and the technology behind it. It's changed my life for the better and I've been meaning to find a place to write down all the things I've done with it, and keep track of the latest news. I'll also be using myself as a guinea pig, testing out the latest gadgets and reporting back here as to how they went.

Products for Review: If you work for a manufacturer of PVR or DVR devices, software, or related products, I welcome any opportunty to test and/or review your product here on this site. Email me to discuss details.

Although the site is just me for now, I'm going to be adding some other authors into the mix as soon as the host for this blog allows it.


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I'm a web developer and designer, currently the Creative Director at Creative Commons. I also run MetaFilter and my personal blog, among other sites. [email]

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