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Google Fiber TV and TiVo

Screenshot 2014-02-19 11.07.34

Google Fiber, which is Google's insanely fast gigabit network recently announced they're potentially expanding to a few more markets. I have a friend in Kansas City that got connected to it last Summer and he says the speed is really incredible, with no delays on streaming HD video instantly from almost any site. 

This being PVRblog, and me being near Portland, Oregon, I was happy to hear it might be expanding to my area soon. In addition to the blistering network speeds, I'm happy to see a cheap HD TV alternative to cable being offering for just $50 more. I pay more to Frontier for a slower fiber connection with fewer channels.

The Verge published a hands-on with the hardware early during the development of Google Fiber TV, but the system sounds pretty powerful. It's all network based, with storage for 500 hours of HD, 8 tuners that can record simultaneously, along with a free Nexus 7 tablet that can be used as a remote.

My first question was whether or not Google Fiber TV supports the CableCARD standard, so I can continue using my Roamio if I were to ever get this system at home, but unfortunately, due to the FCC rules around cable, it sounds like Google Fiber TV technically doesn't have to follow digital cable rules (being delivered over the network pipes instead), so that means no, you can't use a TiVo and you'll have to stick with Google's Fiber TV DVR hardware.

by Matt Haughey February 19, 2014 in News