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TiVo's new Roamio pixelation/macroblocking bug on Verizon FiOS

I just picked up a new Roamio 6-tuner TiVo in order to test out and post a review of soon. It is my 7th or 8th TiVo I've ever owned, but this one has proven problematic on setup due to a bug with Verizon FiOS, CableCARDs, and pay channels.

The problem looks like this on any channel that isn't a major TV network:


I went through a couple back and forths with Verizon tech support (who insisted this was a bad coax or HDMI cable issue) and eventually @brennokbob on Twitter pointed me to a thread on the TiVo Community forum where a user reported similar issues with HBO not working on their new Roamio TiVo on FiOS. Design VP of TiVo Margret Schmidt pointed out the issue is with CableCARDs that aren't the latest and greatest version.

My own multistream CableCARD is two years old (shown below), and carries one of the "bad" serial numbers listed in those posts, so I'm getting scrambled cable on my new TiVo until a technician can help me replace it.


Hopefully anyone else with a similar problem stumbles onto this post and can get it remedied.

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TiVo Series 5 rumors at zatznotfunny


Dave Zatz has been compiling all sorts of rumored information found in FCC filings, TiVo bulletin boards, and internet chatter on what the next version of TiVo hardware will look like.

The above image is reportedly what the lower end models will look like, and the specs on new models have been bumped up impressively, with two different 4 tuner models and one 6 tuner top end recorder. The hard drive sizes look like they will go from 1Tb to 3Tb in size, both of which are ample recording capacity for HD. Rumored release looks to be in the Fall of this year.

It sounds like updated chipsets will offer a lot more processing power for better software functionality, streaming possibilities, and (finally) built-in WiFi. Personally, this might be the first TiVo box I don't pre-order on day one (as I have with previous versions going all the way back to the series 2 box) since my 4-tuner, 1Tb TiVo XL Premiere is pretty rock solid and working fine for my needs. But if the added computing power makes for more interesting applications and uses for the box, I could be convinced to try the upcoming iterations out.

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