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Google Chromecast released


Google released the Chromecast today for just $35, a small item that connects via HDMI and runs a virtual AirPlay-like service, allowing you to send video from apps and Chrome browsers to your TV. Getting video from the Internet to your TV isn't the easiest problem to solve (I can do it in one of three somewhat clunky ways), but a simple plug 'n play option for $35 seems like a great solution. The video above shows a few common uses.

I've ordered one myself and I'm curious how useful it will be, and I expect to post a review in a few weeks after I get it up and running. Last year's kickstarter PocketTV was also a HDMI smart tv adapter that I haven't heard much about ever since it got funded, so it might be an uphill battle for Google Chromecast.

by Matt Haughey July 24, 2013 in News