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Boxee sold to Samsung (plus a download of the old Mac Boxee software)


Boxee is one of my favorite video apps in my home theater and I'm actually glad to hear they've been acquired by Samsung. The software Boxee created looks and works great, and is simple to use (here's my old review of the Boxee box). Samsung's own connected TV apps are another story entirely. 

Samsung's software design is mostly poor, buggy, and hard to use, while Boxee's team comes from the world of nice looking easy-to-use websites and I have high hopes that they can make a bunch of user interface improvements on Samsung apps/devices as a result. In my perfect world, Samsung would scrap their SmartTV apps and instead let you run an instance of Boxee on every new Samsung TV. Boxee is really great for managing downloaded video, running various web video apps to watch stuff on your TV, and for browsing the web on your TV.

Boxee Software for the Mac

In early 2012, Boxee stopped developing their Mac/PC app when the Boxee box by D-Link took off. They also quietly removed it from their site, which annoyed me because I found the D-Link Boxee box eventually stopped working reliably for me and I replaced it with an old Mac mini. I tracked down the last release version of the Mac OS X software when I set up my Mac mini, and have been running it ever since. Now that Boxee has been acquired, I'm providing a link here in case anyone else needs a copy of this old software to run on home theater connected Macs:

Boxee (87 Mb .dmg)

(Google Code has this version and others for Linux and Windows here)

by Matt Haughey July 7, 2013 in News