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Good CES coverage out there


I've noticed that bloggers descending on CES this year is a bigger thing than ever, but most of them are going for quantity over quality. Right now I'm checking The Verge's CES coverage once a day for highlights (they are posting about 100 items a day during CES so it is best to scan), and I'm also enjoying the Wired Gadget Blog's take on CES since it's half joking, and I'm most enjoying Dave Zatz blogging just the few things that interest him each day instead of trying to go all Engadget and just blog every single thing there.

Overall, most of the home theater news seems to be 4K resolution TVs coming from every manufacturer (ignoring of course there is currently no real sources of 4K content to watch on them), every company releasing some sort of iPad app functionality for their existing product, and general home automation products coming out. At the end of this week, I'll make a post of my favorite things I've seen on these and other CES coverage blogs.

by Matt Haughey January 7, 2013 in News