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TiVo's Margret Schmidt tweets screenshots of updates for Premiere units

Margret-schmidt Head of TiVo's design group Margret Schmidt (interview from a few years ago here) has been tweeting teaser screenshots of a new TiVo release. It sounds like it is destined only for the new Premiere units and will slowly be deployed over the following few weeks (she also mentioned you can email her to get on the early list). Here are some shots she has shared:

Multi-room streaming
Still offers 4 tuner recording
New (HD) TiVo central
New Search screens (HD)
New info banner during playback
New info banner expanded
New smaller on-screen guide option
New expanded guide layout
New expanded guide selections

These are likely all teasers of what's to come from TiVo at CES next week. They'e also announced a new Android TiVo app.

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GoogleTV coming to most TVs?

Last month there was news that made some waves when Google CEO Eric Schmidt stated that in about six months, most TVs would include GoogleTV. Most tech pundits thought it was a bit silly and a bit too early to make such a claim but with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) coming to Las Vegas next week, the GoogleTV blog has listed a bunch of announcements coming soon from Sony, Vizio, Samsung, LG, Marvell, and MediaTek.

I generally like my GoogleTV device, though I don't use it much beyond playing DVDs and occasionally watching some online video (it is the only device I've found that can reliably play flash video from any site on my TV), so I never really saw a standalone box becoming a big seller in the marketplace. If Google could get GoogleTV baked into TVs in lieu of each TV manufacturer having to custom program their own online UI (I have a Samsung TV with all the Samsung apps and they are harder to use than any of my set top box devices attached to it) I think this can be a big hit with customers buying new TVs and casually starting to use technology such as GoogleTV. 

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