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And I'm back!

Wweek-headshotJust about two years ago, I was diagnosed with a tumor at the base of my brain and in an effort to simplify my life, I shelved a lot of projects, including PVRblog. I sold it to a small company in Texas and over the past two years they were pretty busy with other projects and let the site sit idle. In the past year or so I've spent a great deal of time researching and trying out PVR-related products in my own home theater setup and I always wanted a place to write up my experiences with them, so I recently got in touch with the new owners and asked if they were interested in selling the site back to me, gave them an offer, and they accepted, so PVRblog is officially back under my control.

I'll be posting casually here (probably on the order of a couple times a week) about new TiVo releases, Boxee, GoogleTV, AppleTV, video game systems as entertainment centers, TVs, and more.

by Matt Haughey October 20, 2011 in News