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What TiVo should do after ten years

There's a great long post at Engadget commemorating the ten years of TiVo and along with it are five ideas for how TiVo could improve. I really like all the suggestions and would love to see TiVo try at least a few of them. When TiVo was on the ropes a few years ago I wanted to do a "100 ways to save TiVo" post (ala Wired's 101 ways to save Apple issue) but me and a few friends petered out of ideas after 30-40 of them. A lot of the ideas were similar in some ways to the Engadget ideas by basically extending the TiVo box in ways the studios probably don't want them to.

Usually these sorts of posts where a blogger posts a few ideas never get anywhere, but amazingly enough, TiVo's head of marketing sent Engadget a response. It's got quite a bit of marketing boosterism in it without too much concrete plans for the future, but it's good that TiVo is at least listening to criticism.

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Amazon HD video on demand released for HD TiVos, Roku players

Amzn-Video-On-Demand-logo_sm2 It looks like Amazon just added HD-quality video to their video on demand offerings, releasing the feature to both high-def TiVos and the Roku set top box player (they also offer it for Sony and Panasonic connected TVs).

Amazon seems to be charging about a dollar more for HD over standard definition content (HD shows look to run $2.99/episode instead of $1.99, HD movies are $4.99 per rental instead of $3.99) and strangely enough the Amazon site is telling me I have to go to my TiVo to browse and rent movies, since they can't offer HD movie playback through a browser (likely a licensing issue with the movie studios).

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