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Potential new TiVo UI

Picture_2 The Infinite Abyss blog has some pretty amazing screenshots and video of a potential new TiVo interface with plenty of details about each. If this is true, it's certainly breaking loads of nondisclosure agreements that testers must abide, if false it's still a pretty interesting and convincing new direction that TiVo could someday take.

I love the preview of each top level menu's options (seems like a time-saver when you're hunting for a specific function) and aside from the standard TiVo screens it looks a lot like the functionality on AppleTV where buying and renting video is first and foremost. I like the idea of owner profiles (mom, dad, kids get different shows/options) and hope that becomes a reality someday. The overall visual design of it reminds me of Windows Media Center and I can't say I like the large images across the top -- they take up 1/3 of the screen without conveying any information. [thanks davezatz for the pointer]

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HD TiVo coming (back) to DirecTV

Dave Zatz has a post reporting what many DirecTV users have been wanting for years now: a (New) HD TiVo is coming to DirecTV!

This is great, great news. I was a former DirecTV customer that left for Comcast back in 2005 when their HD offerings were slim and the HD DirecTiVo was already being phased out. I've heard nothing but horror stories about DirecTV's replacement HD DVR (the one made by NDS) and several friends and family members have jumped ship to cable (either Comcast or FiOS) to get a deeper HD channel lineup that works with a real TiVo.

For the friends and family that don't have a cable option (those in rural locations), they'll definitely be happy to hear a new HD DirecTiVo may be out by early next year. This looks like good news for both DirecTV and TiVo, and though it may poach a few sales of TiVoHD units (and people leaving satellite for cable), I bet the licensing fees TiVo will charge DirecTV will make up for it.

I still get asked via email several times a week if it's possible to get a new Series 3 or TiVoHD to work on their satellite system, and now I can finally tell them to just wait for the new units to roll out.

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