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New Dell PCs look like an old concept, but still cool

Picture_1 Over three years ago, I blogged about some really cool looking home theater PCs. I thought they looked terrific (still do) and they were a refreshing approach to something that might sit in your living room.

Looks like Dell is producing a very similar design with bamboo wrapped cases. They pack HTPC features like blu-ray drives and TV tuners and have pretty good prices. If these were cablecard compatible, I'd actually consider getting one.

BoingBoing Gadgets has all the details on them.

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TiVo Summer Update (9.4) rolling out

Dave Zatz has the info on the new updates to TiVo HD and Series 3 software. The new features are summed up as:

  • Play or Delete a Folder, all shows in a folder
  • Browse the Guide Any Time, even during playback/downloads
  • Jump Forward in the Guide 24hrs with a single click
  • Find a Station in the Guide using the call letters (MSNBC, CNN)
  • Toggle Closed Captioning On and Off with a single click
  • Review Thumb Ratings

From the sounds of the new features, this sounds like the efforts of the latest TiVo beta are going live to customers over the next few weeks. A friend had been in on the beta and mentioned a couple of these new features to me and they all look like nice improvements on the experience.

I especially like the station call letter search because I recently changed cable providers and can never remember the station number and making closed captioning turn on/off easier is great. About once a week I'll be watching something and I can't understand what someone is saying on screen, so I'll turn on captioning for a minute to see it typed out, but often it takes longer to enable them and disable them than I even need the feature turned on.

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