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First reports of the Comcast-TiVo box

motoroladvr.jpg Steve Garfield, a blogger in the Boston area is one of the lucky few to get the first deployments of TiVo's software on the Comcast/Motorola boxes (reviewed here in 2005). The comcast/tivo deals were announced a couple years ago and pushed back time and time again, but it's finally becoming real.

Steve's story of signing up and receiving the software mentions that he was actually the very first customer to get it. His story mirrors a lot of my experiences with first deployments like this (I'm getting FiOS internet/TV today after waiting for two years), with customer service people confused and claiming the service isn't available.

He's also posted a bit about how fast forwarding is different and has an entire gallery of screenshots over on flickr. For comcast customers waiting the past couple years for this deal, keep an eye on his blog to hear how it works out. It just may be that the Motorola box running TiVo is a better deal than buying your own TiVoHD and paying the monthly price.

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HD DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Players from $219 Shipped at Amazon

Toshibahda30_hddvdplayer Dealnews has a roundup of HD DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Players from $219 Shipped at Amazon. The Blu-Ray players come with 5 free movies (which go for $20-30 each) and the HD-DVD players come with 5 free plus 5 more free via mail-in rebate.

For anyone looking to go upscale in their movie watching, these are some of the best prices ever seen for high-def DVDs. Unfortunately, that means you have to choose a side in the format wars. Personally, I'm still wishing to see a <$500 dual-format player come out. I know the Samsung BD-UP5000 is starting to get close to that, but the LG model is still about a grand. Hopefully by this time next year cheap dual players are abundant.

I've had a Playstation 3 playing Blu-Ray movies on my 46" 1080p LCD for about a year and I must say, movies do in fact look a lot better (especially anything in the background), but I must confess with most movies I forget about how good it looks after the first five minutes.

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