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Get a Series3 TiVo for only $510.98

Tivos3 TiVoLovers is reporting that Dell has a promotion on their products that lets you get a Series3 TiVo for only $510.98 after rebates and discounts. $500ish seems like the price the S3 should have been.

Also worth noting: I tossed up a review of the Weaknees upgrade drive for the Series 3 TiVo. Weaknees sent me a 750Gb drive a few weeks ago and I've been happily enjoying it ever since. Of course it is an expensive add-on to a fairly expensive product, but it does triple your capacity.

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This goes to 1080p: Good/Better/Best options

Over on the Holiday Gadget Guide, I posted a quick review of three 1080p flat TV options. I haven't gone 1080p yet, but when the Playstation 3 and high definition DVDs are easily available, it'll be time to take the plunge.

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Delete this ads in the wild

Delete this Tivo?
Originally uploaded by precipice.

Looks like the TiVo ads on the delete screen went live.

Unrelated, but also interesting TiVo find at flickr: A crazy nice Porsche with TIVO 1 plates (is it the current CEO's? Or maybe founder Mike Ramsay's?)

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TiVoDecode Manager: TiVoToGo for the Mac


Those of you using a Series 2 TiVo and owning a mac probably read the previous post with interest. Well, a few days later and now TiVoDecode Manager presents a nice GUI for getting video off your TiVo and onto your mac.

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Wild rumor: Apple & TiVo partner for iTV

Apple I'm going to disclaim this upfront as a wild rumor that just landed in my inbox. I'd wager it's got about a 25% chance of being true but hey, I'd love to be wrong on it and see what launches next month at Macworld SF. Here's the rumor:

Apple will be licensing TiVo patented technology for iTV. Also, the name iTV has changed to Mac Media Capsule

I tried to find some shred of evidence this could be true. I took a look at pending Apple and TiVo patents and there's only one patent application owned by Apple that mentions TiVo, and it's in relation to buying a whole TV season at the iTunes store. Last summer TiVo was hiring Mac programmers, but I figured that was just for TiVo Desktop support. I couldn't find anything concrete.

Again, this is a crazy rumor with nothing to back it up and I'd be really surprised if any Apple device recorded TV, much less running the TiVo OS on it, but damn, if this is true, I would love to own such a device.

I do have to say the entire iTV concept as previously described is a little thin. People won't pay a couple hundred bucks just to have a device that plays iTunes Store purchases on their TV -- it has to do other stuff, but will it be TiVo recording TV for you? In that teeny form factor? I guess we'll know when Macworld happens in San Francisco on January 9, 2007.

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Holiday Gadget Guide: BDI's Avion line and the Slingbox Pro

Avion_8528 I just uploaded a review of my newest addition to my home theater: a BDI Avion 8528 audio/video cabinet. I'm very pleased with and can't say enough good things about it: it looks incredible and functions well -- something few a/v furniture companies get right. My full review contains all the details.

I also extended my earlier Slingbox review posted here last month over on the Gadget Guide.

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TiVoToGo cracked

Tivotogo_1 Looks like someone has released an open source toolkit called TiVo File Decoder. It's a command-line utility to convert .tivo movie files to normal mpeg files. It uses your own media access key, so it basically mimics what the TiVo Desktop Software does, but goes another step beyond to remove the DRM. This would allow you to view your TiVo recordings on other unsupported platforms (linux, mac) as well as other devices (cellphone video player, iPod, PSP, etc).

Of course, it requires a Series 2 TiVo in order to function, since all the TiVoToGo functionality is turned off on Series 3 boxes. [via engadget]

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