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Tons of news this week

While away at a conference this week, I noticed loads of new announcements worth talking about:

  • Apple's iTV set top box. Apple finally announces a TV product -- one that can be used to easily stream their higher resolution video from iTunes to your living room. This reminds me of my current living room setup, where I have a xbox running xbox media center, and I download missed TV shows to a shared video directory on the network which streams to my set. iTV feels like the same experience, only people don't have to muck with networking, bittorrent, and other geeky things required.
  • ABC offering free downloads of last year's major shows from iTunes. It is a great way to catch up and gain new viewers, and it'll run out when they hit a million downloads which could have happened already given the uptake of iTunes.
  • NBC will be offering free streams of this year's major new shows from their own site. ABC's plan seems to be bringing in new viewers based on past shows, where NBC looks to be doing the same thing only using current and new shows. This is great and a handy way to catch all the newest shows you might miss.
  • There's a new release of Democracy, the streaming/downloading video client. Nice to see this continue to evolve, it's both a bittorrent downloader and player, hooking you up with tons of free video out of the box.

by Matt Haughey September 15, 2006 in News