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The TiVo tag on Flickr

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The global TiVo tag on Flickr turns up some interesting stuff. There's this great halloween costume pictured above (the shoes really sell it) and there are of course images of upgrades, TiVos ignoring phone lines, messed up TiVos, Slingboxed TiVos, TiVo charging palms, and the dreaded green screen of death. The most fun is the other stuff people do with their TiVos. There are babies with TiVo remotes and even dogs. There are people hugging TiVo and licking TiVo. There are people acting out TV and including TiVo. There's TiVo at Disneyland and TiVo repair trucks on the road. There's even TiVo in the snow. Next Halloween, I'll have to try this.

And of course, this religious iconography is probably how most fans of TiVo picture it in their minds.

st. claire
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by Matt Haughey December 12, 2005 in TiVo