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NBC makes noise about iPod and PSP TiVoToGo sync

In a move that surprised no one, NBC is making vague, legalish threats in TiVo's direction over the latter's push to put TV shows on iPods and PSPs.

Quoth an NBC spokesperson,

TiVo appears to be acting unilaterally, disregarding established rights of content owners to participate in decisions regarding the distribution and exploitation of their content. This unilateral action creates the risk of legal conflict instead of contributing to the constructive exploitation of digital technology that can rapidly provide new and exciting experiences for the consumer.

And here I thought TiVo was exploiting digital technology. Perhaps the subtext is that NBC would rather exploit consumers? Regardless, eWeek spoke to two intellectual property attorneys about NBC's statement. Both say NBC doesn't have much of a leg to stand on and point to the Supreme Court of the United States' Betamax judgement as the relevant precedent.

by George Hotelling November 27, 2005 in News, TiVo