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TiVo upgrade allows instant response to TV ads

Washington Post is running an article about a TiVo upgrade that allows instant response to ads. Sounds like it will be the feature to send your contact information to companies running ads you're interested in. This is useful for people that view the long commercials in the showcase area about say, a car, and want to know more (and get a brochure sent to their house).

One concerning aspect of this update is thrown in at the very end though:

In addition, ads embedded with special "tags" will pop up as small pictures, sporting branded logos, even when users are fast-forwarding though commercials. The upgraded system will be launched with campaigns from General Motors Corp. and Time Warner Inc.'s WB Television Network.

Sounds like the pop up adverts while fast forwarding is also in this update, though TiVo's PR is spinning it as a small side feature of this larger contact information opt-in. It will be interesting to see how well the final implementation looks and acts, and if it will be anything like the early betas.

by Matt Haughey July 18, 2005 in News