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Mediaweek: women & DVRs

This Mediaweek article covering a survery of DVR users by Lifetime caught my eye.

In a national survey of 1,000 DVR users divided equally by sex, 48 percent of married women say the decision to purchase a DVR was their own, while 55 percent of the wives claim they understood how to interface with their unit's myriad features better than their husbands.

The study, which was commissioned by Lifetime, offered "dramatic and counterintuitive results," said Tim Brooks, the network's senior vp of research. Of key interest to advertisers is the discovery that women are more likely to stop fast forwarding through commercials if a brand or product captures their attention.

While 99 percent of women say they use their DVRs to zap through commercial spots, 76 percent reported that they stopped for ads that are entertaining or relevant to their own interests. Women are also more likely to pause for TV and movie promos.

It is interesting to think how men & women use technologies differently, and how we may have mistaken assumptions regarding our usage of technology. 

Lifetime Study: Women Rule DVR Domain

by Gen Kanai July 18, 2005 in News