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Comcast Contrarians

debbie_downer.jpgNot everyone is singing the praises of the TiVo/Comcast deal announced last week.  Ed Bott is concerned that Tom Rogers championed the deal, and shows a host of bad deals Rogers has been involved in previously.

On the other hand, Alex Rowland sees a TiVo divided.  With Comcast throwing it's weight around TiVo will need to focus on carriers and advertisers ahead of consumers.  I'm not sure I buy his argument that consumers will come last; TiVo didn't stop innovating just because DirecTV didn't want the Home Media Option.  Also, letting the innovation slide will hurt TiVo's status as a premium brand.

Problems with business priorities have been a problem in the past.  Ex-president Marty Yudkovitz was seen as a supporter of media ties, while ex-CEO and current-Chairman Michael Ramsay is a champion of the technology.  The conflict between those goals has produced quite a bit of outcry from the community (and this site).  So is the Comcast deal good news for TiVo?  I'm still in the supporter camp, but there's certainly room for skepticism.

[Update: PVRblog pal Thomas Hawk sends along an interview with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts on the TiVo deal.  Obviously Mr Roberts is in the supporters camp, but questions starting with "this is a juggernaut that will change the fabric of television" leave me expecting Jeff Gannon to tell Lost Remote's Richard Warner to calm down a little.]

by George Hotelling March 21, 2005 in Op-Ed, TiVo