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Industrial design and the TiVo remote

The New York Times has a fascinating article about the evolution of the TiVo remote control. Almost everyone that I have spoken to about the remote raves about it (I personally am a fan of the SVR-2000's remote over the Philips one), and this article goes in depth about what it took to make it. Lesson learned? Don't let engineers design the remote control and let your designers go crazy -- it gives us an insight on how far the TiVo design team actually reaches.

"There tends to be this conservatism in the design process," he said. "I encourage young designers to go off and scare me.''

Some of the results fell under the category of "Be careful what you wish for." One sketch was of a remote that looked like a horned toad. Another resembled an ice scraper for a windshield.

by Raffi Krikorian February 19, 2004 in TiVo